Marketing Technique From the Minds of Ryan Higgins and Frank Kern

I was browsing one of my sources for new products and I came across a listing for a new product by Ryan Higgins called Mind Movies. This looked really intriguing to me especially because I have used creative visualization techniques in the past. I even read a book about it called Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain. Shakti Gawain is an expert on creative visualization. The book teaches the reader how do these visualizations. With this prior knowledge and my three plus years as an internet marketer I am able to evaluate this new marketing idea, Mind Movies.

Ryan Higgins hooked up with the marketing guru Frank Kern and is coming out with this new marketing strategy, based on creative visualization. It appears they have hit upon something totally unique and effective. The idea behind this concept comes from studying experts in various fields. Take for instance an olympic athlete. Right before a race they are not chitchatting about how their day went, instead they are extremely focused on the task at hand. In actuality many athletes visualize themselves winning a race right before the race starts. This visualizing helps the athletes to succeed. They can already in their minds eye see what they need to a to do in order to win the race. This is a very powerful technique that most successful people use.

What Ryan Higgins and Frank Kern are going teach with this new marketing product, is how to use this visualization technique to achieve success in one’s business. By visualizing one’s success and visualizing one taking the necessary steps in order to achieve that success a person can tremendously improve the chances of becoming successful. In this writer’s opinion Ryan Higgins and Frank Kern are using this proven technique to help people achieve success in their business’. It seems to me that this is a very unique marketing system that will be a winner in and of itself. I am going to be closely watching as this product comes to market.