Why law enforcement Raiding Arcades Over a Fishing Game

A squad of 23 police officials serve a search warrant at a apartment in Little Saigon, twenty minutes from Disneyland. inner, suspects run from the commotion, trying to tear an air conditioner out and break out through a window. A dozen huddle in the living room in a pile, trying to disguise their faces. All seventeen individuals are detained, and 3 arrested.

Police uncover a makeshift pawnshop in the storage. They find proof that the house owners offered weapons there, and doled out pot and cocaine to keep their consumers hooked. however the real moneymaker sits in a back room painted with neon fish. It’s the arcade recreation Dragon Hunter, a computer that’s part of the more and more popular—and controversial—”Fish Hunter” style. Less than a month later, Westminster SWAT raids a similar playing den twenty minutes away, this one with ties to arranged crime. once more they find guns, drugs, and what gamblers refer to as “the fish game.”

Why law enforcement Raiding Arcades Over a Fishing Game

The Honolulu Police branch raids an arcade after local citizens whinge that the business—already close down by police—has secretly reopened to gamblers. buyers enter through a locked back door speakeasy-style, with only depended on clientele gaining admittance. Honolulu Police confiscate Ocean King and Fish Hunter cupboards in the operation, video games just about identical to Dragon Hunter. Prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro hails the operation as the currency blow in his ongoing crackdown on a chain of playing arcades, and palms down 414 criminal indictments on nine individuals—initiating the biggest anti-gambling case in state history.

Hong Kong Police strike an arcade in Kowloon as part of a citywide anti-Triad operation codenamed “Levington.” They arrest 40 individuals and confiscate just about $2,000 in cash—along with six video games, adding fishing games.

army Police hurricane an unlawful on line casino housed in five flats near Angkor Wat. Cambodian experts arrest 14 americans and capture 3 Fish Hunter machines.

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